Here at Ry-Con, we specialize in training Service Dogs for neurologically based disorders. Our primary focus is within the Autism community, however we will consider placing dogs with anyone with a special need.

The best way to get started in finding out more information and discussing your specific need is to contact us at We will set up a phone consultation to learn more about your goals for a Service Dog and to provide helpful information on our program. While it is not always a fit, we strive to place our dogs in the best possible position to succeed. For that we strongly believe in not only training our dogs for the basic mechanical duties of a Service Animal, but to establish a strong bond between the dog and their charge.


You can also request a copy of our questionaire/application to help us learn more about your family and specific Service Dog needs.

Update on Service Dog Training

We operate in training seasons.  The start of the season is the start of a puppy’s training (typically at 8-10weeks old).

***We are now accepting applications for Service Dog placements for the 2015 seasons.***
The 2016 March Training Season is full

The 2016 July Training Season is full

The 2016 September Training Season has 1 opening

The 2016 December Training Season has 1 opening

Additional Information on our Training Program

The duration of the training is specific to the service role.  On average this runs 8-10 months before the Service Dog is fully integrated into their forever family’s home.  The first few months are spent acclimating the dog’s skills to their family’s routine.  Ry-Con Service Dogs supports your family for the life of the dog with phone consultations, facility visits, and in-facility training for as long as needed to retrain and re-certify your Service Dog.

Latest News on Training