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The Hydrology9 vape is meant for use with dry herbal blends. A full cost takes a few hours and lasts for about 15 periods. Instead of using the average ceramic oven, this vaporizer uses an all new food grade porcelain heating chamber. The patent pending liquid filtration system produces the cleanest and purest vapor you will ever taste. It comes with 5 exact temp settings and in contrast to most vapes, the choice will produce the precise temperature.

The Cloudious 9 vape is powered by a 2000mAh battery and can preserve a charge for as much as 3 hours – or roughly quartz banger nail female joint bundle fifteen classes. One of my favourite vaporizers for residence use is the Hydrology 9.

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If you want one thing that is much like a bong however method higher because you won’t expertise the burning in your throat, this vape is unquestionably for you. I like it as a result of it hits like a water pipe should but without all of the waste that comes together with it. This vaporizer is clean to carry and smoother to hit, and even after being a very long time vaper, I knew from the very first hit that I discovered my new favorite and a new reason to maintain vaping. The Hydrology9 Vaporizer for dry herbs uses a topnotch 2000mAh lithium polymer battery, the identical type utilized by secure cell telephones. It solely takes two or three hours to reach a full charge, which may outlast a formidable 15 or extra classes.
There is no doubt about the fact that this vape is a show-stopper. If you don’t wish nucleus silicone oil can bong to share it with friends – positively don’t leave it out in plain sight.
If you might be looking for a top quality smooth clean hitting vaporizer this is one to check out. When dealing with smaller vaporizers which have the heating elements very close to the mouthpiece and your lips an often downfall is that the vapor will stay too scorching because it enters the user’s mouth. The Atomic9 has been thoughtfully designed to cool down the vapor as it enters your mouth. Built into the magnetic lid is a cooling chamber that helps to lower the temperature whereas offering a wealthy tasting vapor.

This device treatments this major downside that is so frequent amongst moveable vaporizers. Overall, Cloudious9 has saved true to its vow to stay on the chopping fringe of the legal cannabis trade and create quality vaporizers. The Hydrology9 offers a wonderful experience that can’t be rivaled by its competition. The solely real downside with this gadget that it’s dimension makes it too big to fit into a pocket.

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This is more on par with the type of device you might stash in a backpack or handbag. But even then, you’re going to wish to make sure that it’s adequately shielded given the glass in its design.
The Atomic9 vaporizer, nonetheless, can do this without such a big battery, which has resulted in a very value-efficient portable convection vaporizer. Along with June 24, 2020 of the Atomic9 Cloudious9 has also released information of the Tectonic9 Grinder.
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The body of the Hydrology9 vaporizer is produced from an aluminum alloy that is considered space grade or aircraft grade and has been anodized for energy and longevity. This ensures the physique will never rust, which is very important considering this vaporizer makes use of a water filtration system. This will supply a cooler, smoother vape experience every time.
Regardless, the Hydrology 9 has an excellent construct quality and battery life, and makes a super centerpiece for entertaining like-minded visitors. Cloudious 9 is pushing the envelope in terms of dry herb vaporizers, elevating the bar very high for weed vaporizer competitors. The Atomic9 is the 2nd vaporizer in Cloudious9’s growing lineup up gadgets.
The Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 is a water filtration vaporizer and the primary of its sort. Totally transportable, it supplies easy, flavorful vapes that can not be beat by the use of its water filtration system, its borosilicate glass vapor path and its porcelain chamber. Because of this, some vaporizers provide the flexibility to attach filtration techniques as a separate addon. However, Cloudious9 thought that integrating this right into the core design with their patent pending ‘tunnel tube’ expertise was a better approach to go. This not solely makes the water filtration simpler and protected, it provides a singular visible attraction to the Hydrology9 that’s certain to impress friends when together for a vape session.

Constructed with house grade aluminum material and boro silicate glass that has precision and energy behind every side of this vaporizer. The Hydrology 9 is a water-filtered transportable vaporizer designed for dried blends that combines the best of each worlds, water filtration and portable vaporization, however simply how well does it work? Has its maker, Cloudious 9, really pulled off the idea and created the world’s greatest water filtered transportable vaporizer? Through all the vapes that I’ve reviewed and used I didn’t for a second think to myself that what my vaping expertise was lacking was a water filtration system for the vapor.

The aroma is faint however the taste is outstanding and tastes similar to a real vaporized herb should. I love breaking this out at parties and seeing all of my associates’ faces. Plus, the awesome LED lights look great when I select to vape it at night time, and it provides me something to look at once I get bored while vaping.
This vape is the undisputed winner on this category and positively the best vape in your next get together. As far as I know there aren’t any herbal vaporizers that include this bong-impressed characteristic, so it’s actually neat to have the ability to do this out for the first time. As any skilled natural vaper is conscious, vaping already creates a much smoother vapor and a cleaner draw when in comparison with smoking the herb. The addition of water filtration to that already easy vaping experience that you know and love only serves to make iteven better.

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With its launch, the Hydrology9 vaporizer is changing the way that individuals see vaporizers. It has been crafted expertly, indicating right off the bat that this new vaporizer is in contrast to another. The vape includes a totally leak-proof water filtration system, which helps calm down the vapor because it strikes through honeyvac nectar collector with titanium tip the vapor path before it ever reaches your lips. The oven options an integrated stirring tool to ensure that your herbs are vaporized evenly each single time. Just one take a look at the Hydrology 9 and you’ll see that it is one of the more unique dry herb vaporizers in the marketplace.
Knowing that the vapor passes through two totally different filtration techniques before it gets to me is great. I can undoubtedly style the difference in comparison with different vaporizers. This vape hits like a allure and does not have that somewhat harsh burn that other standard vaporizers do.
After all, it does have glass elements and also you don’t want those breaking during transport. At just over six inches tall, this is no inconspicuous vape that you casually stash in your pocket, except perhaps you’re speaking about a large coat pocket.

For starters, the built-in chamber stir device is essentially the most handy, and the neatest innovation I’ve seen within the current previous. As an avid vaporizer consumer, I know the way large the material waste may be, and I completely recognize Cloudious 9’s attention to element on this respect. There’s nothing worse than tossing good materials, or burning through it too rapidly.
The water inside the glass chamber begins to bubble and makes a slight rumbling noise every time you inhale from the glass mouthpiece. It really does feel like you are utilizing a water bong — the one difference is that you simply aren’t smoking with the Hydrology9, you might be vaping. Hydrology 9 dry herb vaporizer by Cloudious9 Vapor is without-a-doubt the most technologically advanced vaporizer available. Hydrology 9 by Cloudious9 Dry Herb Vaporizer uses a 6 chamber water filtration for your moveable vaporization wants.

The vaporizer has two different air consumption vents which can be adjusted to your preferences by twisting them. Lastly, we’ve the battery housing which is roofed by a steel housing as an alternative of glass. Below the battery is the heating oven which can be accessed from the underside of the device. When utilizing the vaporizer you’ll have to take off the metallic cap from the glass mouthpiece earlier than you can begin vaping. The rest of the body is followed by glass tubing that contains the water filtration system and the passage from where you inhale the vapor.

Introducing The Hydrology9 By Cloudious9: A Vaporizer And Water Pipe In One

  • Instead of utilizing the common ceramic oven, this vaporizer uses an all new meals grade porcelain heating chamber.
  • It comes with 5 precise temp settings and in contrast to most vapes, the selection will produce the exact temperature.
  • The Hydrology9 vape is intended for use with dry herbal blends.
  • A full cost takes a couple of hours and lasts for about 15 periods.

The Hydrology9 vaporizer for herbal use is among the smoothest, easiest to hit vapes I’ve ever tried. I suppose the water filtration system is actually ahead of its time and makes all the distinction on the earth. I assume whenever you combine it with the glass mouthpiece and the porcelain chamber, it produces a easy and crisp taste in contrast to anything else. It makes use of an ultra-powerful 200mAh lithium ion battery that may final for an impressive 90 minutes on one charge and only takes around two or three hours to charge using the USB charger that comes included.
When you see someone using a full screen monitor at Starbucks, that kind of modifications your notion as to what can be carried along with you on the go. The Hydrology 9 features a surprisingly giant oven, alternating LED indicator lights and five preset temperature settings to toggle. This is the perfect vaporizer for somebody who desires to add a vaporizer to their ‘house collection’ because the glass, water, and size don’t exactly scream “throw me in your backpack for the weekend! ” It is, however, the right vaporizer for a big group session, given the big size of the oven chamber and its fancy, alternating LED light present.
The leak resistant design not only keeps your vapor cool but ups the ante within the taste division, too. The space grade aluminum alloy and borosilicate glass physique give the unit a sturdy but stylish look that ought to final for years to return vaporizers. The unique design of the Hydrology9 is what actually makes this vaporizer shine. There is no other vape obtainable right now that may compete with the Hydrology9 in relation to water filtration.
Cloudious9 utilizes premium Aircraft quality materials on the Hydrology9 construct which can dramatically scale back the chance of any rust development. The Hydrology9 uses a porcelain combined the borosilicate glass delivering superior quality vapors on each session.

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It has water filtration, an LED mild show, an built-in stirring device, and other superior options. Thefy aren’t just for present—nicely the sunshine show is, after all—because they’re meant to offer a next-stage vaping expertise to go together with the Hydrology’s next-degree appears. Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 is an exciting recent addition to the dry herb vaporizer enviornment. Its noteworthy bong-type design makes this vape unique available on the market.

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The Hydrology 9 is a must-buy for vaporizer connoisseurs and gadget geeks. The Hydrology 9 has a meals grade porcelain chamber that can store 1g of dry herbs.
20% Off the Hydrology 9 Portable Vaporizer by Cloudious9 Technologies. This revolutionary device is rattling the business with the introduction of it’s considered one of a form know-how. The Hydrology9 is meticuliously crafted providing leak-proof water filtration which cools and moisturizes the vapors. The gadget has a inbuilt stir tool guaranteeing your ground material is at all times completely vaporized.
The water filtration system supplies an unsurpassed vapor quality, and the gadget itself is straightforward to use. The patented stirring mechanism integrated into the chamber is a very novel addition, and raises the bar for the competitors. The Hydrology 9 vape is furnished with a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery, which absolutely costs in two to a few hours. The Hydrology 9 weed vaporizer reaches its preliminary temperature in about 60 seconds, a comparably quick heating time to other portable dry herb vaporizers. Despite being categorized as a portable vaporizer, this device isn’t something you’ll be able to throw in your pocket, as a result of its dimension, weight, and glass base.
The Hydrology9 is strictly for cannabis and is about the measurement and form of a bottle of that fancy Voss water. It’s not precisely portable, but that depends on what you contemplate transportable.
The dimension and weight of the Hydrology 9 makes it a bit to big to fit into your pocket and use while on the move. It is designed to be very transportable but to be loved mainly whereas stationary. I guess what I am saying is that its one of my favorite portable stationary vaporizers for herbs. For those of you who’re unfamiliar with the Hydrology 9 I will touch on its performance and performance below.
The LED light system is cool and useful because it conveys temperature and battery stage. Air vents allow customizing to the user’s preferred draw resistance. The Hydrology 9 also introduces the constructed-in stir-stick which sifts the bud in the chamber – maximizing efficiency and decreasing waste. The Hydrology 9 additionally uses water-filtration – just like a bong – which cools the vapor.
The separate air intake vents plus the water filtration let you customise your draw to your traditional choice for a smooth hit that produces spectacular, dense vapor clouds. The porcelain chamber also features a microchip that keeps monitoring the oven temperature for a precise hit every time.
Finally, this battery can warmth the porcelain chamber to temperature in only 60 seconds, making this a vape that may deliver a robust, but easy punch in no time at all. These features do a smashing job at separating the Hydrology 9 from the rest of the pack in the high quality handheld vaporizer industry.

If it wasn’t for the price, this is able to be a great vaporizer for novices, as it’s, tech-loving vapers are the primary audience for this one. The water filtration system carried out by Cloudious 9 is an actual innovation in the vaping world. Allowing Twitter of vapor, the system delivers a smoother and cleaner hit than any other portable vaporizer. The built-in water-filtration technology results in cooler vapor, while decreasing carcinogen intake, and ultimately lessens draw-resistance.
This vaporizer sets itself aside from most of the conduction vaporizers available on the market line by incorporating a water filtration system for vaping. It goes directly into the body of the unit, just like a bong. But so far as portability goes, for many who do want to transport it, we advise utilizing a giant gentle, padded, and protective case.
This brings us in direction of the actual vaping experience of the Hydrology 9. The vaporizer gave us blended critiques when we used it to smoke some herb. Since it uses a water filtration course of via which the vapor passes earlier than it reaches us we expected the vapor to be of top of the range in every sense; density, flavor profiles, taste, etc.
The water helps to cool the vapor and make it even smoother and easier on the lungs. After vaping with the Hydrology9 I don’t know if I’ll be capable of return to vaping with non-water filtration equipped vape. Unlike most vaporizers that use a ceramic oven, this vaporizer uses and all new meals grade porcelain heating chamber. The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer helps to simply distribute heat which not solely helps you chop down prices, but also provides you an overall higher vaping expertise.

This vape additionally has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece which is a well-known materials for having very low coefficients of thermal growth. The mouthpiece is not going to get scorching nor disrupt the clear vapor that shall be released. Please watch the video above for a easy clarification of this distinctive vaporizer. Cloudious 9 cut no corners when it got here to the design, functionality, and effectivity of the Hydrology 9.
Finally, although the device includes water throughout the unit, no matter what the movement we made with this vaporizer – it proved that it’s completely leak-resistant. Water filtration is certainly an interesting concept, but they aren’t the first to incorporate it in a vaporizer.
With each hit, it’s as if you’re ripping the smoothest glass bong, an experience that’s just not potential from nearly all of vaporizers available on the market. After utilizing this feature a number of times I’m surprised that this isn’t a standard function on all herbal mix vaporizers. A widespread point of friction in vaping is the fact that you need to open up the unit and use a separate stirring software to rotate your herb, then close it up and start vaping again. Honestly it really works so properly that I wouldn’t be surprised to seek out in a few years time that it’s standard issue in all herbal vapes. The gadget produces easy vapor draws, especially when set to the 2 decrease temperature settings (i.e. blue & yellow settings — see heating instructions below for more).

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The Hydrology 9 is a cool, futuristic wanting dry herb vape with a litany of impressive features, the most notable of which is the water-cooling characteristic that offers it a bong-like experience. The water does a fantastic job of cooling down the vapor, that vapor is nice but it’s not as sturdy as other vapes on this class.
The patent-pending ‘dual-layer’ heating makes positive that your materials are used effectively. It is uncommon for convection vaporizers to return in smaller sizes because of the size of the battery required to warmth with this oven methodology.

This new compact moveable vaporizer is designed with hybrid heating. It makes use of a combination of conductive and convection heating to warmth dry herbs.

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Briefly, the Hydrology 9 is constructed with unsurpassed quality and care and features a lengthy battery life. Though marketed as a portable vaporizer, its design, development, and unique features make it an ideal hallmark of any sesh for you and your vaping group.
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