Myths and Controversies Surrounding High-CBD Cannabis

Over the last decade, CBD has been in the focus of various medical research, legislation and popular media. Presence of CBD related products has become a must have, on the health food stores shelves. If you Google, then search engine results will be full of numerous medical conditions that can be addressed by CBD.

However, you should not believe everything that you hear or read on the web. Though CBD is surely an incredibly safe therapeutic cannabis component, but there also exist many different myths and misconceptions. Let us have a look at few of the most common myths in this article.

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  • Only CBD is medicinal and non-psychoactive while THC is recreational

If CBD is totally non-psychoactive then how can it produce anti-anxiety, anti-craving, anti-psychotic, alerting, and various mood-elevating effects?

  • CBD is sedating

CBD as such, is not considered as sedating but it actually is alerting. CBD in fact supposed to counteract the various sedative effects of the THC.

  • CBD may get you “high”

The short answer is No, however technically it is wrong to say that CBD is completely non-psychoactive because it can also affect your mood to some extent.

  • Very little or no research done around CBD

Most of the researches that have been conducted about CBD are by conducting different experiments and trials with rodents and no serious human trial has been conducted yet.

  • Just a little CBD will be enough

In fact, to really get the best effects of CBD, it is necessary to take it almost every day and also you need to consume sufficient quantity that may vary from person to person.

  • All CBDs are made and produced in the same way

The answer to this is a big “NO” while you buy any CBD product. It will be very crucial to do proper homework to make sure that you are getting real deal, and also ensure that you are buying something safe.

  • CBD obtained from hemp, isolate or medical cannabis is the same

The CBD molecule maybe same regardless of origin but various CBD products that you get on the market may not have the similar effects regardless of the origin.

  • Cannabidiol will work by activating our cannabinoid receptors

CBD will stimulate directly our CB1/CB2 receptors but when it will come into contact with both these receptors, it will actually turn down their level of activity level and cause mild to moderate effects of THC

  • CBD is magic ingredient having no side effects

This is again is not true rather CBD may have some serious side effects, based on any other medications that you are taking along with it.

  • CBD has been legalized in all the 50 states of the USA

If you read the language of the Drug Enforcement Administration, where CBD is still treated as member of tetrahydrocannabinols group and as per FDA, still it is not considered as a dietary supplement.

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